Let’s go find monkey ! 🐒🔎

🔎Monkey are hidden in the YachtingVerse (Monkeys are just for hiding) …Can you find any?

✅Download demo and Sign in
✅Complete task and share your screenshot with the hashtag #yachtingverse with a screenshot 5000 winners will be randomly selected to win 100 $YACHT !

Download the demo version suitable for the OS.

To install the application, you can learn the desired password by typing ” /password ” in the telegram group.

Create your username and password. Your username must be the same as your telegram name

Select your avatar and click the “Start” button.

Press the “C” key to learn the controls.

Now you are ready to find the monkey and win the prize

Game Story

Year 2071

It all started with Power Imbalances of Nations. Groundwater resources on the mainland are now depleted. Only the minerals in the seas and oceans remained. A fierce struggle for limited underground resources began. Humanity has suffered a lot from wars over the years. Nations began to disperse one by one. Now there is One Nation, One Flag, United World State. Three communities came forward and started the alternative mining trend. After a long search in the depths of the ocean, scientists discovered a new mineral;


Communities wanted to retain this power and again distanced themselves from each other. Humanity was forced to take sides. Whose side will you be on?

I don't intend to mutter, so I'll get straight to the point. We at Destinesian Mining want you for two reasons: To extract ore and to root out all of our competitors that affect our shipping industry. If you do this successfully, you can soon start sailing with other captains for adrenaline and fame!

We are in difficult times when only those whose hearts are made of the purest steel will survive, Captain! Let's see how skilled you are? Honor and Loyalty are everything to us! Join us as we fight to clear our industry of all these fools that stand in our way. For glory and privilege!

We pride ourselves on our ability to preserve the atmosphere of our community while opening the door to technological advancements. Some see us as a cult trying to dominate the seas, and they misunderstand our recruiting methods. We are always looking for skilled captains who will help us shape the future of humanity by destroying our enemies. For development!