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YachtingVerse at the Bosphorus Boat Show!

YachtingVerse CEO Servet Kalmaz, YachtingVerse CTO Emre Karaca and Bitci Holding CEO Onur Altan Tan attended the Bosphorus Boat Show in Istanbul.

The show took place in Pendik and lasted for 9 days. Many maritime products were exhibited such as mega yachts, motor yachts, sailing boats, catamarans, sports boats, speedboats, boats, boat engines, boat equipment and accessories, watercraft, and marine toys and many others. Many leading maritime related leasing and insurance companies also participated in the fair.

In an upcoming future, when the metaverse starts to be commonly used, fairs and other promotional events will be held in the metaverse. Foreseeing this potential and being a pioneering project in this field, YachtingVerse had a chance to review the Show on site and to meet with brands and leading companies in the industry for potential Boat Show events to be held in the YachtingVerse universe in the future.

In these future Shows, YachtingVerse will provide its users to experience the products they like in marina stores with XR/AR technologies. This way, brands will be able to exhibit their products at lower costs and have a chance to reach more potential clients. Thanks to VR technology, users will be able to design yachts in any way they wish using real-scale parts and have the chance to experience them before purchasing.

With providing infrastructure & integration and marketplace services, YachtingVerse will be playing an important role in the Web 3.0 transformation the brands will experience in their marketing and sales fieds. Join YachtingVerse, change all the rules of e-commerce and digital marketing, and shape the future!

👀 We can foresee the future, how about you?

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