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New Partnership Announcement

Hello, YachtingVerse fam!

Meet us again with the latest IDO news. In our previous news, unfortunately, we have to delay our IDO and listing until further notice.

Despite the bad news on delaying IDO and the crypto market condition, we have some good news on the table.

As everyone knows, we recently received an investment of 1M Dollars in the funding round organized by Bitci Holding and Bitci Ventures.

And now we’re excited to announce our partnership with Binstarter, one of the Global Tier-1 launchpads.

Do you think this could be the beginning of the Metaverse Hype?


Binstarter | Protocol built for cross-chain token insured pools.

Binstarter is an incubator, decentralized VC, and value-added launchpad. We have an in house team of 10 developers in Europe and 50 front-end support in Philippines. The competitive edge of Binstarter is that we can provide an end to end support for all new projects; including advisory, marketing, development, and connection with partners.

Binstarter Incubation provides end-to-end support, advisory, partner connection, launchpad service, MM support, marketing, community building, and post-IDO support marketing support.

BinStarter Socials

Website: https://binstarter.io (https://binstarter.io/)

Whitepaper: https://binstarter.io/bsrdoc/BinStarter-Whitepaper-PDF.pdf

Tokenomics: https://binstarter.io/bsrdoc/Binstarter-Utility-Token-PDF.pdf

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/BinstarterOfficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BinStarterio

Blog: https://blog.binstarter.io (https://blog.binstarter.io/)

About YachtingVerse⚓️

Yachtingverse is the world’s first marine themed metaverse/ VR platform designed for the luxury industry. YachtingVerse includes business-to-business, business-to-individual and individual-to-
individual marketing and e-commerce.

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