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Marketing & e-Commerce on Metaverse

From the day we met the concept of Metaverse, many of us have understood that big changes are waiting for us. For now, companies have started to accelerate their Metaverse transition processes to seize some opportunities and keep up with the change. So what are the brands waiting for in this metaverse ? What will Metaverse change from the world of marketing and e-commerce?

What Can Be Done in Metaverse?

Meteverse is a digital and collective virtual but realistic living space created with virtual reality or augmented virtual reality technologies. In this virtual world, people can participate in activities, communicate, shop, and even design their surroundings according to their own taste, thanks to the avatar they create with 3D technology. In fact, it can also be defined as a fictional metaverse where all digital worlds are combined, enabling everything done on the internet to be done in a single space. Marin Mall on YachtingVerse will rewrite the rules of both marketing and e-commerce.

In this metaverse, in addition to carrying out social activities, it is also possible to make investments by purchasing land. If developed enough, technologies that will enable even the relatives lost in the real world to be seen in this metaverse are targeted. With the support of artificial intelligence, we have an infrastructure where the avatars will continue to live even if the users of the avatar leave us. In the meta-verse, which is getting popular day by day, it is actually aimed that people can do many things they do in daily life, and of course, there is an area where art can be exhibited in this metaverse called metaverse. One of our partners Babylons has already set up an NFT gallery in our metaverse .

What will change in Metaverse Marketing?

With the introduction of Web 3.0 and decentralized systems into our lives, an era begins where there is no authority and users make joint decisions about management. This has opened a new door to order not only for users, but also for goverments and brands. Digital marketing, whose importance is increasing day by day, will become even more important with the metaverse. It is predicted that people’s shopping habits will change when the metaverse becomes more widely used in the near future. In such a case, target audience analyzes and marketing rules will change. Brands will need to analyze and change their marketing plans according to the new rules. More traditional applications such as printed material will be replaced by online virtual reality. We will see developments such as special campaigns for the Metaverse and products designed for avatars.

This concept, which is still in its infancy, is spreading rapidly and becoming popular. So, what opportunities does the metaverse come with for brands?

Enhanced User Experience

It is natural for brands to accelerate their metaverse processes and try to adapt. Vans shared that the skateboard track he opened in the Roblox game was visited by 48 million users, while the Travis Scott concert held on the Fortnite platform was watched by 12 million people. These numbers, which are very difficult to reach in the physical world, appear in virtual worlds even before we are fully involved in our lives. 115,000 users attended YachtingVerse’s first demo launch with KLEIN nightclub. In the night where 3 DJs took the stage, users had a unique experience and had the opportunity to get to know the NFT gallery of Babylons NFT Market. These exciting experiments also require the marketing world to understand and adapt to the metrics of this field. Metaverse, which will also create a great opportunity for data and insight, is a metaverse for marketers where they can not only communicate better with the consumer, but also understand them better and create more advanced experiences by responding to expectations. There are days when brands literally takes on flesh and bones with his avatar…

Speed ​​is paramount

Consumers want easy and fast access to everything. The slightest delay is immediately distracting. In other words, it is possible to say that brands are now competing with milliseconds. There is no tolerance for delays and difficulties, there are always new alternatives. The marketing world should not forget this when creating metaverse experiences for the consumer. YachtingVerse has already succeeded in maximizing the user experience with its very simple user interfaces. In addition, we try to ensure that everyone can easily adapt with the tutorial articles we publish for each event.

We are now in a world where we are faster and more connected. Agility is more important than ever for the marketing world. According to Statista data, 74 percent of adults are counting down the days to enter the metaverse. According to MarketSandMarket, the size of the Global Metaverse Market is predicted to reach US$426.9 billion by 2027 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 47.2%. The data for 2022 was determined as 47 billion dollars.

So how will the ecosystem grow?

We all know that the most basic goal of Metaverse platforms is to increase the number of active and qualified users. While pioneering the metaverse integration of brands, we also offer gamified metaverses for users to spend more time. In this way, while users and brands interact with each other, we both have fun and increase the possibility of getting to know the brands better. In addition, we gain the compliance and loyalty of the users with the reward and loyalty systems. When we transform into a fully decentralized structure, users will share all of their platform revenues according to their share ratios. With the SDK (Software Development Kit), they will contribute to the development of the platform and earn in proportion to their contributions.

We will help brands to join the web 3.0 world with many new formulas that will increase the number of participants.

What does YachtingVerse provide to brands?

Metaverse should not be seen as a new technology consisting only of player, user and viewer experience. Beyond all these, re-determining the standards as a new way of life, production, development, shopping and business; In the century we live in, it is necessary to see it as a beyond metaverse in which we witness its development and even participate and contribute. Opportunities, business and content opportunities that this virtual metaverse will create will also provide the emergence of many different products and services. The first line of business to appear in our demo event was “Metaverse Event Manager”. We met with many people on this subject and introduced a new business line to the society. Investments in technology and solutions for the augmented reality metaverse will increase. This will also bring up the transformation process of brands and this metaverse will be a virtual copy of the real world.

At this point, YachtingVerse will provide free infrastructure and integration services for 1 year when brands take their places in Marin Mall. It will help brands run their stores with the events and other activities they plan. Although it is a matter of great curiosity how Metaverse will affect our lives, we can say that it is the harbinger of the “customer experience” revolution. With Metaverse, many issues from customer behavior to purchasing habits will be on the agenda again, and this will create great opportunities for brands.

Considering that even online shopping makes a difference in many consumer behaviors, it is clear that the virtual metaverse and product experience power brought by the metaverse will change many things in our individual and social life practices. Users will be able to experience the products they like and want to buy in Marin Mall stores with XR/AR technologies. This will be an application that will completely change their purchasing habits and decisions, and brands will want to take advantage of these opportunities.

We established Seaby Labs to not build only a metaverse, but also the technological infrastructure of future . Seaby Labs will both closely follow the development of YachtingVerse and build tomorrow’s technological equipment, operating systems and trends in the big picture. Metaverse asks brands “Are we catching the spirit of the times?”, “Am I compatible with tomorrow’s definition of value?” An early warning signal to ask questions such as For your brand, “What will be the transformation in accordance with the spirit of tomorrow?” you have to ask.

In Conclusion

YachtingVerse will lead the web 3.0 transformation of brands while also providing infrastructure and integration services. We will create an amazing “customer experience” for our users, the heroes of the technological revolution. We will rewrite all the rules of e-commerce. So are brands ready for this?”

Servet KALMAZ — Co-founders & CEO at YachtingVerse

Stay tuned,

YachtingVerse Team.

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