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Discover 3D yacht simulation games with VR experience. Buy, manage, charter, cruise your own yacht and earn more NFT and $YACHT rewards. We will continue to design games where yachters can both have fun and learn. In YACHT MANAGEMENT: SIMULATION, yachters will play with real feeling. Yachters will have the skills to manage the crew and yacht. Players will compete with the multiplayer option. High score players will be rewarded NFT and YACHT tokens every week.
The game will allow you to experience a diver. You will discover the unexplored waters of the world. Collect abandoned ruins, visit sunken ships, discover unknown species. Claim NFT rewards after each dive. Dive further to increase oxygen level and decompression.


Clothing is a basic need that will never end. Like humans, avatars will always need wearable assets. Brands can make the first launch of their wearable assets on YachtingVerse and get first reactions from their users. Users can purchase wearable assets of famous brands on Marine Mall, both for themselves and their avatars. In YachtingVerse, there are four different rarity categories: Super Super Rare (SSR), Super Rare (SR), Rare(R) and Normal (N); SSR wearable come in editions of 10, while SR, R, and N wearable come in editions of 100, 1000 and 10000, respectively. Also, users can define the clothes they want with the API connection or design the wearable assets themselves with the SDK(Software Development Kit).