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What is YachtingVerse ?

YachtingVerse is an open-world marine theme massive multi-users platform built on the Polygon. This platform will bring together all the stakeholders and brands in the metaverse. 

YachtingVerse will consist of Marine Mall stores, customizable lands, YachtGAME(MMO) space, NFT gallery, boat show, YachtADS advertising space, nightclub, gym, event spaces, VRinar, meeting rooms, training space and much more. YachtingVerse is the reflection of real life on web 3.0. YactingVerse will lead the transformation of brands with web 3.0.

YachtLand owners can enjoy the democratic governance model based on a liquid democracy and real-world inspiration rules over a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) through the YachtNFT.

Marine Mall

• YachtingVerse has 522 stores where world-famous brands can showcase their products and services.

• Users will be able to shop at a discount with YACHT tokens.


• Shoppers can use the digital copy of the products they buy from Marine Mall stores as NFT in avatar and land customizations.

• They will experience interactive shopping with VR experience at Marine Mall,
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Yacht NFT


  • Yachts, advertising spaces, shops, wearables, lands, digital assets and avatars are represented by an NFT on YachtingVerse.


  • Yachters will be able to access NFTs from Market Place.


  • Yachters will earn a high reward from ad revenue by staking NFT on the avatar and YachtLand. YachtingVerse’s goal is to design NFTs that are all revenue-generating and have broader use-case beyond trading.

Yacht LAND

  • YachtingVerse is divided into tokenized blocks of Land, which users can buy, rent and build. 


  • Landowners can upgrade and customize their Land. 


  • YachtingVerse is based on a map of fixed amounts of YachtLand.


  • An NFT represents each YachtLand parcel. 


  • YachtingVerse will work on a Governance model; Land NFT holders will vote via a DAO.


Yacht ADS

• YachtingVerse platform will allow advertisements to be served directly on totems and billboards.

• YachtingVerse will have 2000 totems & billboards and 200 skyscraper skins. NFT will represent each, and prices will vary depending on their location.

• Advertising NFTs can be purchased with YACHT tokens.

• They can also generate additional income by renting it.


  • Clothing is a basic need that will never end. Like humans, avatars will always need wearable assets. Brands can make the first launch of their wearable assets on YachtingVerse and get the first reactions from their users. 
  • Users can purchase wearable assets of famous brands on Marine Mall, both for themselves and their avatars. 
  • In YachtingVerse, there will be many different rarity categories and more value the rarest dress will have.


  • Yachtingverse will have an area in the metaverse that hosts its exclusive games.
  • Some games will be VR compatible.
  • In these games, $YACHT will be used as in-game currency.
  •  Players can earn NFT and $YACHT rewards.


Internationally recognized Boat Show organizations continue from the past to the present. Although these shows are a visual feast where expensive toys are sold and rented, many brands are expanding their portfolio with this organization.

However, this is a costly method nowadays. YachtingVerse will offer many advantages to brands at this point, but it is not limited to these. YachtingVerse is the reflection of real life on web 3.0 and metaverse.

YachtingVerse is the fastest and most affordable way for brands and brokers to reach their customer base.

The potential customer base will increase day by day. Marine Mall and many modules will make YachtingVerse an attraction.

Brands and brokers can present their yachts, which they want to sell or lease, to their customers with realistic feelings about the VR experience.
They will be able to have an easy and reliable appraisal with our comprehensive technical team and partners.


Often only the owners will meet for the final deal, saving the owners time and money. Unlike traditional listing methods and 3D visuals, users can interact realistically with yachts (like sleeping in a cabin or sipping a drink on the deck). YachtingVerse will offer every opportunity to facilitate the work of yacht brands and all yacht industry stakeholders. You will always be in touch with the 24/7 corporate customer representative and the developer teams. Software development kits and video tutorials on listing yachts will always be available.

Create your avatar with one tap

YachtingVerse has an extremely flexible and open avatar system as well as providing SDK connectivity. Bring your favorite Characters, and make your favorite NFT JPEGs as your 3D avatars using the glTF or glb 3D file formats. You can design it yourself or use the technology supported by Ready Player Me with a single tap. More integrations are coming soon.





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